Tumblr style blog with ExpressionEngine

I found 2 very useful tutorials to build Tumblr-style blogs in ExpressionEngine: - http://web-agent.appspot.com/leereamsnyder.com/blog/building-a-tumblr-style-blog-with-expressionengine - http://web-agent.appspot.com/shapingthepage.com/journal/how-to-build-a-simple-tumblr-blog-with-expressionengine I hope, it would be useful for someone who would like to build Tumblr-style blogs.

Standard Global Variables in ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is having a large number of Standard Global Variables which can be used within the templates. You can find all these from http://ellislab.com/expressionengine/user-guide/templates/globals/single_variables.html. The available member variables can be much...