360Adaptive Technologies understands the importance of a fluid design that fits into any device your users use. We create Stunning Responsive and mobile websites using advanced technologies and tools.

How does a responsive design help your website to get more clicks?

A website with a responsive design makes fit to the website according to the size of visitor’s screen automatically no matter your visitor is using a mobile or laptop. It adjusts itself to make the user–experience smooth. Today users use devices like widescreen desktop, laptops. Tablets, smartphones and they even switch devices while working. Therefore, your website should be accessible on all the devices.

Research shows that at the end of the year 2018 the total share in online traffic mobile users will have 79% shares. You never know which screen your potential reader or customer use to serve the website. So to provide them an impressive experience a responsive website is one of the must do's in businesses nowadays. If you are willing for long-term business, you can't ignore this fact that most of the people surf the internet through mobile devices.

Benefits of responsive website

  • Makes user experience smooth.
  • Affects positively on user engagement.
  • Makes your design best for every device.
  • Enhance the chances of getting ranked.
  • Mobile first responsive designs have quicker load times
  • Responsive Mobile First Designs ensure cross-platform compatibility naturally.
  • Lower cost
  • Concentration on developing just one website for all devices.
  • No chance of duplicate content on separate websites built for different platforms
  • A wider range of audience.

Responsive and mobile first design services from 360Adaptive Technologies

360 Adaptive has a team of top-notch designers and technology experts who can understand your business requirements and design your website according to that. We design and develop your website making it responsive focusing on the future trends and faster-changing business landscape.
We ensure:

  • Smooth and fluid navigation is assured throughout the website on various devices
  • No horizontal scrolling for any screen size.
  • We write codes and keep the elements that are W3C validated.
  • We analyze your requirement thoroughly and create responsive design after planning it logically.
  • We at 360Adaptive, we test your website extensively on various screen sizes, devices and platforms to ensure the highest quality.
  • We provide a planned and proper call to action to the design to maximize user experience.