Download remote file with cURL

cURL stands for “Client for URLs”. cURL is a library (libcurl) which allows PHP to communicate with other servers with different type of protocols. With the cURL its easy to download...

EllisLab's plugins

If you are looking for EllisLab’s plugins, you can find from

JSON Overview

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is the light weight data interchange format like XML i.e like the XML it’s also platform independent and its great alternative to XML due to followings: ...

Tumblr style blog with ExpressionEngine

I found 2 very useful tutorials to build Tumblr-style blogs in ExpressionEngine: - - I hope, it would be useful for someone who would like to build Tumblr-style blogs.

Standard Global Variables in ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is having a large number of Standard Global Variables which can be used within the templates. You can find all these from The available member variables can be much useful: ...