I have been working on ExpressionEngine CMS for more than 10 years. I started working on ExpressionEngine from version 1.7.3 and the latest is ExpressionEngine 7+. We have developed several ExpressionEngine websites of all sizes from small web applications to big web applications. We have seen ExpressionEngine growing version by version and now it has become one of the most featured rich CMS. 

With the CMS development, we are well experienced in frontend JavaScript development using Vue.Js, React.Js and Angular.Js. We have done a lot of website development using Vue.Js.

Vue.Js is progressive JavaScript framework which is widely used to develop faster loading websites. We combine Vue.Js with the well featured ExpressionEngine CMS in this way:

  • ExpressionEngine CMS as backend
  • Vue.Js as frontend
  • We use add-ons for API request from ExpressionEngine
  • Website content will be well structured and managed from ExpressionEngine CP
  • We always prefer to use Fluid field type for creating field structure which gives power of modular structure, reusability and optimization in content management.
  • We always develop website applications with high-DPI displays, responsive / mobile first design, great performance and better user experience. 
  • With the ExpressionEngine, we can do Multi-site integration easily.
  • ……

There are many benefits of using ExpressionEngine CMS and Vue.Js. Let’s discuss in detail. You can drop us email at info@360adaptive.com or contact us from here.