We build your website 3X faster using Vue.js as the front end and Craft CMS as backend. 

Vue.js is a well-known open source, lightweight, Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture based frontend JavaScript framework to develop web applications. We can consider it as an alternative to heavier JavaScript frameworks like React.js and Angular.js.

Vue.js is progressive framework with Model-View-ViewModel architecture so we can start using it in any of our existing projects. We can use it for developing small to bigger web applications. 

Vue.js uses 2-way data binding over directives i.e. it binds the HTML element with application data. It means any change into the data will be reflected to the user interface automatically. 

We develop websites with Craft CMS and using Vue.js as frontend framework as follows:

  • Craft CMS as backend for storing and managing all websites contents and data.
  • Vue.js as frontend binds with HTML DOM
  • Element API plugin to supply data to Vue.js or we can use other methods for data bindings.

We have done such many developments by replacing jQuery with Vue.js which gives the result of a 3X faster website.