I have been working on ExpressionEngine since more than 8 years and I have been assisted in around 100+ ExpressionEngine websites which include add-on development also. I have worked on EE1, EE2 & EE3 and currently developing websites using EE4.0+. There has been much changes in ExpressionEngine after EE3 and EE4 in compare to EE2.

I am offering affordable cost service for upgrading ExpressionEngine to latest version in which I ‘ll upgrade your EE1 or EE2 website to latest EE4.0+ website. So I ‘ll upgrade ExpressionEngine, fix bugs and optimise the website for better performance.

Here are some notable points while upgrading ExpressionEngine:

  • Most important thing is to check all the installed third-party add-ons if have been ported to EE3 or EE4. In case, any add-on isn’t being ported to EE3 or EE4, that need to be removed with alternative solution.
  • Now some third-party add-ons are being managed and supported by other developer or agency than developer or agency who initially developed this add-on like Matrix, Playa, Zoo-Visitor etc.
  • There may be custom add-on which will also be ported to EE4.
  • There may be some changes in template coding.
  • EE4 requires PHP7+ and MySQL5.6+ so server must be compatible with these.

You are running EE1 or EE2 website and would like to upgrade to latest ExpressionEngine version, please contact me. We can discuss to start over upgrade process.