We have expertise in several open source CMS including WordPress and Craft CMS and provide migration service for migrating your website from one CMS to another. Here I would like to outline the steps which we follow to migrate WordPress website to Craft CMS based websites:

  1. We create proper sections, categories, fields, assets volumes, entry types to store website content in Craft CMS. During this process, we follow the CMS structure in WordPress to create different settings in Craft CMS like:
  • Post and custom post types of WordPress will be created as Channels in Craft CMS.
  • Pages of WordPress will be managed as Single and Structure in Craft CMS.
  • Media of WordPress to Filesystem and Assets in Craft CMS.
  • Categories of WordPress to Categories of Craft CMS. As WordPress doesn’t feature any category group so we would need to create a category group in Craft CMS to migrate all categories in this group.
  • Tags of WordPress to Tags of Craft CMS. As Craft CMS is having a Tags field type so we can assign entries to their tags.
  • For migrating Comments of WordPress, we can use comments plugin or can create our own entries structure for comments in Craft.
  • For WordPress website forms migration, we can use plugins like Freeform, Formie or Wheelform.
  1. We would have the same URL structure in Craft website to preserve search engine indexing. Otherwise, it will require proper redirections.
  2. We can export WordPress content or posts as XML Feeds and can import them into Craft using the FeedMe plugin. In some complex cases, it may require doing content migration manually.
  3. After above these steps, it will require Craft template coding to populate CMS driven content for all the pages. We always do well optimised Craft template coding and use standards like image transform, query cache, cache, eager loading etc.
  4. The final step is review, testing and bug fixing. And then deployment to a live server.


It’s all done 😊. If you have any such requirements, we will be happy to assist. You can directly email us on info@360adaptive.com or can send your message from here.