We develop Craft CMS websites from small personal profile website to large e-commerce website. We have found some Craft CMS plugins which we prefer to use:

  1. Super Table: We use content blocks field structure with the combination of Matrix and Super Table fields by creating Matrix blocks. It gives a great flexibility to our clients to manage website contents & pages easily.
  2. Feed Me: We are expert in several other CMS’s like ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Statamic, Processwire etc. Most of time, we have requirements to migrate a CMS to Craft CMS, in such development, FeedMe plugin is very useful.
  3. LinkIt: Easy to manage any links by a field type. With this field type, we can create links for User, Entry, Category, Social links and own custom links.
  4. Field Manager: For some Craft websites, we would need to create many fields. Field Manager plugin provides flexibility to manage fields and groups easily and quickly. With this plugin, we can clean up unused fields and export fields & field groups.
  5. SEOmatic: We love this plugin. We install and setup this plugin for our clients so that page meta and all other SEO related stuffs can be managed easily.
  6. Imager: An ultimate plugin for image transform. We can transform images based on desktop and mobile devices which increases performance of image load. With the feature of bunch of image transforms, this plugin is having many more features like supporting animated GIFs, converting WEBP format, image effects (including grayscale, blur, sharpen, negative etc), adding watermark etc.
  7. Blitz: This plugin provides static page caching which increases page load performance.
  8. Navigation: We use this plugin to manage Craft website navigation menus. We can add entries, categories, assets, commerce and custom links with attributes. We can create multiple navigations easily with this plugin.
  9. Element API: This plugin provides an easy way to create JSON API for element types like entries, assets, global sets, matrix blocks, categories, tag and users. We mostly use this plugin for creating JSON End Points for Vue.JS and React.JS based website and for creating JSON API for mobile app.
  10. Stripe Payments: Our favourite plugin for one-time and recurring / subscription based payment.