As I am working over web application development since 9+ years. During it, I gained expertise in following CMS’s (Content Management System) like -

  • ExpressionEngine
  • Craft CMS
  • Statamic
  • WordPress
  • ProcessWire

I have worked on many such projects where it was needed to migrate a website from one CMS to another. Such projects were always challenging for me and expertise in these CMS’s makes successful migrate. I provide such migration services which includes the followings -

Design: Its initial step of such type of migration. CMS’s having their own technique and structure of managing and populating the design. For example WordPress and Statamic use theming method while CraftCMS and ExpressionEngine use template method. So for templates and theming, the code/template tags are being used according to CMS.

Content Management: The content management area of any CMS might be as much friendly as possible. I always assume that content editor or site admin as non-technical guy so try to make content management as simple as possible even content editor might be able to add/edit any single menu and page.

Data Migration: Its another important steps how data or contents can be migrated from one CMS to another. The process is to export data/contents from source CMS and import in destination CMS but it becomes something tricky if contents are being managed in complex way or using custom/third-party field types.

Plugin/add-on selection/development: All these CMS’s use third-party plugins/add-ons to enhance the functionality. So its always important to use similar plugin/add-on for other CMS. Sometime its needed to develop new plugin/add-on.

I can do migration in between these CMS’s -

  • Migrating WordPress site to ExpressionEngine
  • Migrating ExpressionEngine site to WordPress
  • Migrating WordPress site to Craft CMS
  • Migrating WordPress site to Statamic
  • Migrating ExpressionEngine site to Craft CMS
  • etc

If you have any such migration project, can contact to me immediately. I ‘ll make successful migration for you.

For this service, please contact or discuss your project with me.