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This module allows administrators to track the site’s members/guests downloads with the following features:
1) Set file/image to be downloaded: You can set a file/image (EE files) to be downloaded and tracked from module’s Control Panel with some other preferences.

2) Track the downloads: All the downloads will be tracked and can be seen from the module’s Control Panel area.

3) Email Notification: For any download, you can notify the admin (or use any other email address). There are just a few easy settings.

4) Direct download: You can create a hyperlink with a single module tag for the direct download.



  • ExpressionEngine 2.4+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • MySQL 5+

Installation guide:

  1. Unzip and upload member_downloads into “system/expressionengine/third_party/”
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Add Ons -> Modules -> Member Downloads. From here install the module.
  3. Go to the module settings and start by creating new downloads.

Creating new download:

On clicking “New Download” tab, you can create a new download with the settings of:

Download Name: Name of download type.

Member Groups: One, or more than one, member group can be checked, in order to restrict which member groups can download.

Track logged in member’s download: Enable/disable tracking if you would like to track or have a record of each download. If enabled, all the downloads will be recorded and can be seen from the module area in the Control Panel.

Guest download: Check to allow guests to download a file.

Download as ZIP: By checking this option, the file will be downloaded as a ZIP file. It’s helpful while facilitating large file downloads.

Email notification: If enabled and provided proper settings in “Email Setting”, an email notification will be sent on each download.

Upload directory: The drop down will show all the created upload directories and you can select one to set for download.

Uploaded file: You can select a file to be downloaded.

Member downloas: New Download

All the saved downloads can be can be seen from:

Member Downloads

All member’s downloads will be tracked and be listed as:

Member Downloads list

Email Settings:

Email Setting

Template tag/s:

This module provides a simple method of direct download, so there is only one single tag which can be a hyperlink.

{exp:member_downloads:download_url download_id='x'}

The above tag can be put within an anchor tag as a hyperlink.


Where x is the download id which can get from member’s download list. Please see screenshot:

download ids

So you can see, it is very easy to track the member’s downloads.

Just $18.00 per license > Buy on devot:ee

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